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Salon registration FAQ

Disclaimer: The HelpYourSalon Project is something new and we, the Project Gaia Team, do learn new aspect with every single new contact. We are very grateful so many of you have registered so far. Thanks so much for your patience! These FAQ will be updated on the go

How long does it take to get an answer to my registration?
We try to answer within 24 h, nonetheless in the first days the registration volume may be so high, it takes a bit longer. Nonetheless we try our best. Thanks so much for your patience!

Is there a way to log in and see purchases with my salon code?
No, we won’t be able to show you the single purchases for data privacy reasons. We will give you an overview of the respective earnings though upon your payouts.

How do I leave my addresse and paypal information?
Just answer to the initial information email you will get sent, that also includes your personal salon code to share.

Will the products be shipped to my customers or my salon? What does shipping cost?
As your customer is ordering themselves, the products will also be sent to them directly – this we keep the transaction as contact free as possible in order to keep everyone safe. As for shipping: We do ship to anywhere within the US for free.

Can I register my salon though I’m from Canada or the United Kingdom?
No, sorry. For now we only offer this project to US salons and stylists.

Does registering with my salon in the form above generate automatically an account in the online shop?
No, this register form is independent from the actual online shop. So resetting password with your email given here won’t work. The account registration is for customers only buying in the shop

How do I add a swipe up link to my instagram story?
Best and easiest explain by Hupspot (just follow their step by step tutorial):